Buying a home in Richmond VA

Most people don’t do that every day. But our agents are pretty close.

Make a smart investment

You don’t choose a home because you like the counter tops. No, an investment like this demands in-depth knowledge and skill so you can buy with confidence.

That’s where Rand Properties comes in. We can provide more property data, area information, and real-world strategy than any real estate agent in Richmond. 

And we won’t just pull the research. It’s important to us that we review every opportunity with you, until you’re certain you’re making a smart investment. 

Quality Consulting

Buying a home is a big decision. We’re here to make your experience as stress-free, profitable, and efficient as possible

Our priority is protecting your investment. And our job is to get you the home of your dreams by helping you explore every opportunity available. But we pride ourselves on making the entire process enjoyable for you.

Because buying a home is exciting. Whether you’re upgrading, relocating, or thinking about searching for your starter home – it’s one of life’s big events. And we want to help you celebrate life’s big moments.