Welcome to Central Richmond

If you like pedestrian friendly urban living & proximity to amazing dining, fun nightlife, and world class museums – take a look.

What's it like living in Central Richmond?

Central Richmond is currently enjoying one of the nation’s strongest real estate economies. The area is a collection of vibrant smaller neighborhoods. This makes up the core of the 1.2 million people living in the Richmond Metro area.

Goochland County is home to the West Creek Office Park, headquarters of some the area’s largest employers. And Route 288 makes for an easy drive north or south. 

Why we love Central Richmond

Getting to know The Fan

Named for the way the streets in the area “fan” out from East to West, the Fan is Richmond’s original residential neighborhood, established in 1737. 

From turn of the century row houses to the contemporary designs of today, the Fan offers a wide variety of styles to suit buyers of nearly every taste. A broad mix of residential and commercial real estate means this bike & pedestrian friendly, tree-lined neighborhood is never boring- there are new discoveries around every corner.

Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a first time buyer, there are a million reasons you’ll love the Fan. Residents enjoy seemingly endless dining options, corner bars with live entertainment, funky and eclectic stores and galleries, a multitude of parks, churches, coffee houses, thrift stores, bookshops, and more.

The Fan is also home to Virginia Commonwealth University. VCU is one of the state’s largest public colleges. The diverse student population lends the Fan a youthful, energetic vibe and a promising future as VCU continues to shape its evolution.

Enjoy Jackson Ward

Jackson Ward is on the northern edge of Central Richmond. A historically significant neighborhood once referred to as “The Harlem of The South”, and home to Maggie Walker and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, today the area features an abundance of ornate homes ranging from Greek Revival and Italianate to Victorian. 

A wide variety of properties, price points and styles define the real estate scene in the neighborhood, from opportunities to restore older homes, to move-in ready, modern luxury apartments. Developers have targeted the neighborhood in recent years, providing residents with an abundance of rehabbed living spaces that pay homage to their historic roots. 

Part of Richmond’s Arts District, Jackson Ward boasts dozens of murals and is home to the Hippodrome Theater and Gallery 5. Proximity to Downtown, award winning eateries, cultural attractions, festivals, street art and museums all attract residents and visitors to this unique Richmond neighborhood. Want to learn more? Give us a call, we’d love to show you why Jackson Ward should be your new home!

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The Museum District Shines

Called the Museum District because of its proximity to a row of world class, award winning museums, this neighborhood is visually similar to the Fan area, with slightly more yard space. The Museum District is undergoing its own revival of sorts, with its own neighborhood association, events, and historical designations. 

Single family homes and apartments are abundant here, but the area is definitely one of the city’s most desirable so it’s important to move fast. Made up primarily of a mix of retail, restaurants, and “newer” homes built in the 20’s and 30’s, the Museum District is bordered by both Scott’s Addition and Carytown. 

Charming, low key, and friendly, with a diverse population, the Museum District is distinctly “Richmond”, with a walkable layout, plenty of street parking and lots to see and do right outside your front door.

The Carillon is calling

The neighborhood in the Near West End of the city, just to the west of Byrd Park, is called Carillon. Consisting of 472 residences, a school, and two churches, Carillon is bounded by the James River, Byrd and Maymont Parks, I95, and the Powhite Parkway. 

Quietly beautiful, the tree lined streets of this established community create a suburban style residential oasis just south of Carytown. The Carillon Civic Association, formed in 1968 by residents in a bold effort to nurture diversity, established Carillon as a neighborhood defined by its inclusiveness. 

In 2016, the neighborhood was designated a National Historic District for its long term commitment to racial integration. Since 1972, the CCA has presented Richmond’s award-winning, annual Arts in the Park event. 

Today, Richmond area homebuyers seek Carillon as a highly desirable location- quiet, centrally located, and with excellent property values. Residents enjoy the proximity to Byrd Park’s three lakes and 287 acres, complete with tennis courts, baseball fields, 1.3 miles of walking trails, Dogwood Dell, and  relaxed, yet lively atmosphere. The Maymont Nature Center, trails, and outdoor concert series are within walking distance as well.

If you’re looking for a Carillon area home, be aware that many of the properties in the neighborhood have been owned by multiple successive generations of the same families- so moving quickly is a must!