Welcome to Richmond's Northside

Also known as Richmond’s “garden district,” this revered sector includes some of Richmond’s most stately historic homes.

What's is it like living in Northside?

Founded along Richmond’s earliest streetcar lines, Northside is a very easy commute to downtown. Neighborhoods such as Battery Park and Barton Heights are seeing property values rise- evidence that Northside is in its prime. The Laurel and Lakeside areas of Northside are also undergoing a revival of popularity amongst homeowners seeking cozier, more affordable properties.

Ginter Park building and playground
people walking in northside shopping center
painting of a dog on northside garage with sign saying welcome to bellevue

What's it like living in Northside?

Notable Northside attractions include the award winning Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Jefferson Lakeside Country Club, Richmond institution Roy’s Big Burger, Bryan Park, and Byrd Park. MacArthur Avenue offers eclectic dining (and fantastic brunches!) at Dot’s Back Inn and the Mill on MacArthur; while Lakeside Avenue is a treasure hunter’s dream, full of thrift & consignment shops to explore. The celebrated RVA brewery scene hasn’t skipped Northside either- check out Final Gravity Brewing Company.

RVA’s Northside is worth consideration as your next neighborhood if you love older homes, big yards, and proximity to work & play. Give us a call and let us help you find the right Northside property for your next move!